Terms and Condition of entry

All persons aged 7 and over must provide a ticket to gain entry, bought in advance or on the day unless provided by the organiser with a hospitality, staff or BGL Kwik Cricket Pass

All activities are free of charge which includes all activities and the cricket matches

Food and soft drinks can be brought on to the ground if you wish or purchase from the various vendors there on the day.

No alcohol is to be brought on to the ground under any circumstances. There are plenty of opportunities on the ground provided by Stamford Wine Bar and the beer tent.

All children who are 6 years old and under will gain entry free of charge.

You are entering the site understanding that a cricket match is played with a hard ball. All activities will cease once the cricket match starts for this reason. That still gives 4 hours of free activities to take advantage of. See activities on the main menu.


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