Frequently Asked Questions

Is there seating on the ground, can we bring our own chairs?
It is advised to bring your own chair/seat as there is very limited seating available on the ground.

Can I bring food and drink into the venue?
Yes, food and soft drinks are permitted to be brought on site. However, the event is providing access to various vendors that will cater for most people’s tastes.
Alcohol is not permitted to be brought on site and there will be security to make sure this is adhered to.

Can tickets be bought on the day?
Tickets will be available on the day at the venue at a cost of £15 per ticket. Online
early bird ticket discount of 25% off per ticket is available on the first 500 tickets and after that online tickets are £10

What happens if it rains?
There will be a policy in place to refund ticket sales if less than 10 overs of the Eastern Premier Cup are completed. If it is just a shower please bring an umbrella as the venue is open to the elements. Let’s hope for good weather. A few years ago, it did rain all day and everyone got their money back so don’t worry about weather watching as tickets are limited.

Is there parking at the venue?
Yes, there will be parking close to the venue. The fee will be payable on the day at £3 per vehicle.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, dogs will be permitted but must be on a lead and you do so on the understanding that if a person is bitten then the responsibility will be down to the owner. Oh and make sure you bring your dog mess bags!!!

Is there a First Aid provision?
Yes, there will be a paramedic on site.

How do I contact the event organisers?
You can contact the event organisers by email. If it is a general

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